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Fieldfisher supports Matt Briggs' call for changes to cycling laws

Following the verdict in the high-profile Alliston cycling trial at the Old Bailey in August 2017, Keith Barrett helped client Matt Briggs to launch a campaign to have outdated cycling laws brought into the Road Traffic Act.

Alliston was found not guilty of manslaughter by the jury but guilty of furious and wanton cycling. He will be sentenced on 18 September.

Matt, whose wife Kim was killed last February after Alliston, who was riding a fixie bike with no front brake, hit her, is asking for the law to be changed to allow police to charge reckless cyclists with causing death or serious injury by dangerous or careless cycling.

Supported by Fieldfisher’s Personal Injury team, Matt spoke on the Today programme, 5 Live, BBC News, Channel 4, ITN, Sky News and was interviewed by the Telegraph, the Sun and the Times.

Keith is now running a civil claim for compensation on behalf of Matt and his children. Keith spoke on Sky News about the need for courier companies to ensure that the cyclists working for them were properly insured so that people seriously injured and the families of those killed would be entitled to damages.

“It doesn’t make sense that someone wishing to drive a vehicle on a road at 18-20 mph will hold adequate insurance because it is compulsory under the law, yet a cyclist who wishes to ride a bicycle at 18-20 mph doesn’t require any public liability insurance,” Keith said.

“Surely this needs to change, otherwise one victim who is run over by a vehicle recovers compensation and the other does not.”