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Case Study

Multi-million pound settlement for finance worker mowed down by taxi driver

In August 2013, our client was travelling home in a taxi with a friend after an evening out. When they arrived at our client’s home, a discussion broke out between the taxi driver and our client’s friend about an onward fare.

Our client was standing by the door of the taxi when the driver suddenly put the car into reverse and drove off at speed dragging our client with it. The driver then proceeded to drive forward over our client, effectively running him over.

Our client suffered excruciating pain as he was trapped under the car and his leg was crushed. He was eventually forced to have his leg amputated.

The driver was found guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

At the time of the accident, our client had been working in finance and was doing well. He had a very bright future ahead of him in finance. During his time in hospital, he studied for and gained a qualification in finance.

Despite recovering well, his injuries severely limited his career choices going forward, since he understood well that jobs he would have excelled in previously were now beyond his physical capabilities. Difficulties with his prosthetic and the pain of commuting eventually forced our client to reduce his working days and therefore his income.

We took over our client’s case from another law firm in September 2017 and we secured sufficient interim funds straight away to ensure our client could get access to private prosthetics; he was relying on the NHS provisions at that stage.

Prior to the accident our client had been very active and had taken part in trail running, windsurfing and diving, so it was important that he was able to access specialist prosthetics that would enable him to try and return to some of these activities.

Our client’s case was settled at a joint settlement meeting for a multi-million pound sum, with the help of medical experts and employment experts. The settlement package included costs for ongoing private prosthetics, ongoing care and treatment costs, equipment and compensation for lost earnings.

Jill said that despite his horrific injuries, our client had adapted incredibly well to his new situation, despite living in constant pain and struggling initially with his prosthetics.

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