Gauge Your Readiness For IBOR Discontinuance | Fieldfisher
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Over this period we have been unearthing challenges beyond documentation and have teamed up with our Condor alternative legal solutions platform, our Fieldfisher Consulting arm and most recently Hitachi Systems to provide a broader range of connected solutions to clients.

Whilst we will provide an update on the latest developments, the main purpose of the session is to enable firms to test the temperature of their own readiness compared to their peer groups as our panel will share their experiences.

Suranjan Som Vice President, Financial Services, Hitachi Consulting will be joining us as a guest speaker. Suranjan has a broad understanding of the financial services industry, and he leads this industry vertical at Hitachi Consulting.

We will cover:

  • Recent developments
  • Particular product challenges
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Systems development


  • Document digitisation
  • Outreach approaches
  • Project management systems

This is an opportunity for stakeholders to understand experiences from across all as aspects of the IBORS chain.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.