Debunking the EU AI Act: an overview of the new legal framework | Fieldfisher
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The European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act is the first comprehensive legislation in the world which regulates the development, use and deployment of AI systems. While limited to the territory of the EU, the AI Act nonetheless has an extra-territorial scope (similar to the GDPR) which means that it will have an impact on organizations globally.

The AI Act adopts a risk-based approach on the classification of AI systems and imposes heavy compliance requirements on organisations who rely on AI systems to carry out their business. In particular, the use of 'high risk' AI systems is especially burdensome for companies.

The AI Act also creates synergies with the GDPR (e.g. on AI risk assessments) which will require organisations to adopt a combined approach when assessing how to comply with the GDPR and AI legislations. This webinar will provide an overview of the EU AI Act and explain some of the key challenges that await organisations who use, rely or offer AI systems in the EU.