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White paper – The future of medicine: Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) also known as advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) is the latest phenomenon in medicine that is gaining momentum. Ground-breaking treatments that are shifting the healthcare paradigm from one of illness management to cure are constantly grabbing headlines globally. With this, in recent years we have seen a flurry of attention from investors, regulators, pharmaceuticals and the wider life sciences industry.

Currently, the CGT market is dominated by North America, largely due to the nature of their healthcare system being more favourable to reimbursement. However, with more examples of national healthcare reimbursement all over the Europe Union and in the UK, Europe is fast becoming a much more amenable market for CGT, presenting more opportunities for all those involved.

That's why we've produced our white paper – The future of medicine: Cell and gene therapy. This paper examines the current state of the CGT market, including opportunities and challenges across key hotspots in Europe.

The future of CGT is bright and the pathway to market for innovative treatments is getting clearer.