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We have a long-standing experience in agriculture and food law. This sector has indeed experienced a rapid evolution since the 1990s and requires a thorough knowledge of the policy-making processes at the European level, as well as significant expertise and contacts regarding application at national level.

Our expertise covers the different stages of production, i.e. “from farm to fork”, advising and communicating with institutions and public organisations, as well as acting before national and EU Courts. Our team is also well versed in addressing issues pertaining to borderline areas (food v medicinal products v biocides etc.).

Our services

The Fieldfisher team is particularly active when it comes to food innovation and bio-ethical discussions concerning, among others, plant and animal genetic modifications use of nanomaterials, regulation of “novel food” and cloning.


We frequently intervene in the legislative process as well as in its implementation, and assist  clients at every stage of innovation and development (feasibility, marketing authorisations, packaging, operating agreements, data protection, etc).

We assist operators throughout the food chain with the marketing of animal feed to food improvement agents (food additives, enzymes). This expertise covers all types of foods, including specific food (e.g., infant formula, food supplements) and highly technical area such as GMO and nanomaterials, etc.).

Our advice to clients includes

  • feed,
  • traceability and food safety,
  • additives and processing aids,
  • quality label/origin,
  • labelling, and health and nutritional claims,
  • promotion and advertising,
  • product recall and crisis management.

We assist manufacturers and retailers of food, food packaging, and other articles that come into contact with food, in compliance with relevant food safety rules under the Food Contact Materials (FCM) Regulation.

Our advice covers compliance of FCMs across the food supply chain, from production to processing, storage, preparation, supply and consumption. We also provide advice on the use of active and intelligent materials and articles.