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ECHA seeks comments on SVHC identification proposals



On 1 September 2020, ECHA opened public consultations on proposals from Member States to identify two chemicals as Substances of Very High concern (SVHCs) due to concerns that they are toxic for reproduction:

  • Austria has submitted a proposal for bis(2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethyl) ether;
  • Sweden has submitted a proposal for dioctyltin dilaurate, stannane, dioctyl-, bis(coco acyloxy) derivatives, and any other stannane, dioctyl-, bis(fatty acyloxy) derivatives wherein C12 is the predominant carbon number of the fatty acyloxy moiety.

The consultation periods for both proposals are open until 16 October 2020.

Further information about the proposals and access to the commenting forms can be found at the following links:

Please contact Claudio Mereu should you have any questions or require further information.

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