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Unwrapping Automation: A Podcast with Unmanned Life CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt


Belgium, United Kingdom


This first episode of Fieldfisher's "Automation Unwrapped" podcast dives into the exciting world of autonomous technology with Nicholas Zylberglajt, CEO of Unmanned Life. Unmanned Life's software platform orchestrates a fleet of drones and robots for various applications, from security and surveillance to reforestation and asset inspection.

The Vision of Autonomous Everything: Nicholas paints a vivid picture of a future teeming with autonomous robots, seamlessly integrated into our lives. Unmanned Life's platform aims to be the conductor in this orchestra, coordinating these robots for maximum efficiency and impact.

A Day in the Life of a Robotics CEO: Nicholas describes his role as a juggling act, balancing interactions with partners, customers, investors, and his team. He thrives on the diversity and challenges this dynamic environment presents.

Automation's Impact on the Near Future: Nicholas delves into specific use cases where automation is poised to make a significant difference. From enhanced perimeter security to safer offshore inspections and sustainable forest management, the possibilities seem endless.

The Multitude of Use Cases: Nicholas emphasizes that automation's potential extends far beyond a few isolated examples. The combination of robotics and automation unlocks a vast spectrum of applications across industries, from logistics to healthcare.

Challenges and Opportunities: Despite Unmanned Life's success, Nicholas acknowledges the ongoing hurdles. Fundraising, navigating regulations, attracting talent, and adapting to a constantly evolving market are all part of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. He stresses the importance of resilience and perseverance in this fast-paced field.

The Future of Autonomous Technology: Nicholas believes the sector is maturing rapidly, driven by four key factors: data, connectivity, robots, and a platform approach. He sees the convergence of technologies like 5G, edge computing, and AI as crucial enablers for widespread autonomous deployments.

AI-powered Use Cases on the Horizon: Nicholas highlights two exciting AI applications in the robotics realm: dynamic path planning for drones and natural language processing for robot commands. These advancements promise a future where robots seamlessly adapt to their surroundings and respond to our instructions in a natural way.

A Message for the Future: Nicholas concludes by encouraging us to embrace the future of robotics. He envisions robots not as replacements, but as helpful companions, assisting us in our daily lives.

This podcast episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of autonomous technology through the eyes of leading innovator Nicholas Zylberglajt.

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