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UK Call for Evidence on Common European Sales Law: have your say

Paul Barton


United Kingdom

UK "Call for Evidence" on Common European Sales Law: have your say

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Businesses and individuals with an interest in the cross-border sale or purchase of goods or digital content have an opportunity to steer the UK government's response to European Commission proposals for a “Common European Sales Law” (CESL).  In a "Call for Evidence" published on 28 February 2012, the UK government asks for views and evidence on the potential costs, benefits and risks for businesses and consumers of the proposals.  The government also asks for comments on its preliminary impact assessment on the proposals, contained in this Checklist of Analysis of European Proposals and on the specific provisions of the Commission's proposed legislation (a Regulation).

The European Commission hopes that the CESL will facilitate cross-border trade within the EU by removing existing obstacles such as differences between contract laws and levels of consumer protection across EU Member States.  The CESL is targeted at EU-based B2C traders and SMEs (businesses with fewer than 250 employees and with an annual turnover no greater than 50 million EUR).  If the Commission’s proposals are adopted, these businesses will be able to agree with contract counterparties that the rules under the CESL, including consumer protection measures, will apply to their contract in place of national laws. 

The deadline for responding to the Call for Evidence is 21 May 2012.

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