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UBO Registration in the Netherlands



The UBO Register has been implemented as per 27 September 2020 in the Netherlands.  The main purpose of the UBO Register is to combat financial and economic crime, such as money laundering, corruption or tax evasion.

This means that as of 27 September 2020, existing companies are obliged to register their UBO in the Dutch UBO Register within 18 months. Entities incorporated after 27 September 2020 must register their UBO when applying for their first registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce; only upon completion of the UBO registration, a registration number will be provided.
In this brochure we will inform you of the information regarding UBOs which must be registered with the UBO Register, and we will set out how Fieldfisher can assist with the corporate compliance obligations.

Read the brochure here:

UBO Registration in the Netherlands

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