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Informer Spring 2011


United Kingdom

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Welcome to the Spring 2011 edition of Informer. We hope that you will find it an interesting and enjoyable read. If you have any questions or comments on the topics discussed, or real estate matters in general, please do get in touch. Any feedback is always much appreciated.

In this edition of Informer, topics discussed are as follows:

Informer Bites

Rights of light - an update on the progress of the Heaney case which we looked at in the last edition of Informer

Good Harvest and guarantees - the saga continues - Landlords whose tenants have guarantors need to take care in the light of a recent court decision

Caging the phoenix - recent proposals to tighten the controls on pre-packs

Localism Bill - update


E mails - hidden dangers - A recent case shows how easy it is to make a legally binding contract by email without realising it

Lease break options - top five tips - Antony Phillips looks at the pitfalls that can be encountered when a tenant exercises a break clause and offers five tips to minimise the risks involved

Joint ventures - think ahead! - a cautionary tale from a recent case

Seller beware - overage clauses - a recent case is a reminder of how important it is to draft overage provisions clearly and comprehensively

Rights of way - proving your point

Cloud computing - implications for bricks and mortar