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CBD: Is the regulatory system working?

Sarah Ellson


United Kingdom

The use of CBD in food and drink in the UK is booming and the sector saw sales worth £690m in 2021. In a recent episode of the Table Talk Podcast, host Stefan Gates is joined by Fieldfisher partner and co-head of Regulatory Sarah Ellson to discuss some of the issues around CBD.

Sarah Ellson raises significant questions about whether the regulatory system, particularly around novel food status for ingested CBD, is working. Sarah has commented on this before in a number of articles, outlining that to build consumer trust in the sector and avoid enforcement action from the regulator, it is important for CBD developers to understand the relevant legal parameters before commencing product development.

Sarah also  sets out the dos and don’ts when making claims about products containing CBD, and addresses the surprisingly complicated question of whether or not it’s legal to produce it in the UK.

Leading specialist consultant from the Sapphire Clinics, Dr Mikael Sodergren, explains how medicinal CBD works, and addresses some of evidence that is supporting prescribing CBD in the clinical setting.

Please find a link to the podcast here: CBD: Is the regulatory system working? (foodmatterslive.com)

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