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Brexit: Supporting your Board after the trigger of Article 50

John Cassels


United Kingdom

The latest of our upcoming papers on how businesses can prepare for Brexit as the negotiation process begins.

Today marks the beginning of the two-year negotiation process for exiting the EU.  During this time, Boards will assess and prepare for a period of significant change.  Whilst there is uncertainty, there are also opportunities for businesses operating in the UK and across Europe.

Influencing proposed EU based laws, negotiating better deals and managing regulatory authorities to their advantage are just some of the ways we are helping businesses to respond positively to Brexit.   

We have prepared a series of papers, aimed at Boards and senior teams, to offer practical tips and immediate action businesses can take to prepare for Brexit. 

Our first issue focuses on;

  • Managing risk and future proofing your contracts
  • Managing your regulatory landscape
  • Practical steps in supporting your workforce during periods of uncertainty
  • Protecting your assets and investments

If you wish to receive a copy of this paper please email  

We have also created a dynamic Brexit timeline, highlighting key dates during the negotiation process.