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Adflash - March 2011

David Bond


United Kingdom

Adflash - March 2011 - Advertising and marketing newsletter by Fieldfisher

Product Placement

For television advertising in the UK, 28 February 2011 represents a significant date with product placement being allowed for the first time on UK television programmes. This offers advertisers a major new opportunity to promote their brands and products and a much needed additional revenue stream for broadcasters and producers alike. It does, however, come with both limitations and risks which must be managed for the placement to be a success. Read More>

New Regulation of Online Advertising - Last Chance to act

As mentioned in our September 2010 adflash, from 1 March 2011 the remit of the Advertising Standards Authority (the "ASA") will be extended to cover the majority of on-line advertising. This represents a major extension to the ASA's remit and requires all advertisers with an online presence to take heed. Read More>

Use of Footnotes - A Timely Reminder

Two recent ASA adjudications serve as timely reminders that advertisers must be careful in their use of footnotes that qualify the claims being made in the main body of an advertisement. Read More>

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