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Weinstein: Bravery of accusers is what secures convictions

According to one of the women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault in the Los Angeles trial, she and other accusers had to put up with misogyny, sexism and bullying tactics from Weinstein's defence lawyers throughout proceedings.

But, yet again, the bravery of those prepared to stand up to powerful men who think they're above the law speaks for itself as the jury found the former film producer guilty of rape. He now faces up to another 24 years in prison, on top of the 23 years he is already serving.

Since he has been granted permission to appeal his first sentence, the outcome of the Los Angeles trial is even more significant. Prosecutors in this latest trial said it was time for his 'reign of terror to end'.

Terror is one of the overriding emotions experienced by women who come forward to put an end to years of sexual assault. Reading that other women have decided to speak out about their experiences has a huge impact of those who have been terrified into silence. Many of our UK clients say that it was reading other women's stories that gave them the courage to break their silence.

There might not be joy for these women following this latest conviction but, boy, is there justice.

Read one of client's account of deciding, finally, to pursue a sexual assault claim.

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