Keith Barrett 'deeply saddened' by death of pedestrian hit by electric bike | Fieldfisher
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Keith Barrett 'deeply saddened' by death of pedestrian hit by electric bike

Keith Barrett offers his condolences to the family of Sakine Cihan who has reportedly been killed by a cyclist riding an electric bicycle in a hit and run in east London.

It appears Ms Cihan was hit by the bike on 28th August when she was trying to cross the road and later died in hospital.

Police said that the male cyclist initially stopped following the accident, but then left the scene and discarded the dark red motorised bike a mile away.

Keith said he was 'deeply saddened' to hear about the accident and added that there is concern about the use of so-called 'e-bikes' which do not require a driving licence but which can reach high speeds if the rider also pedals.

Keith continues to support client Matt Briggs in his campaign to have cycling laws brought into line with Road Traffic law, so that they include the charge of causing death and causing injury by dangerous cycling.

Matt began his campaign following the trial of Charlie Alliston who was charged with causing the death of Matt's wife Kim in February 2016. Alliston was riding a 'fixie' bike with no front brakes, which is illegal. He was convicted by jury of 'wanton and furious driving', the only option currently available for dangerous cycling prosecution.

Keith is currently pursuing an appeal on behalf of Matt and his two bereaved children against a decision of the CICA (the government-run Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) not to make him and his children an award of compensation.