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Successful claim for keen cyclist who was victim of hit and run

Sarah A, a 46-year-old chief executive of a charity and a keen cyclist, was riding along Balham High Road in January 2016. As she travelled straight on, a van appeared on her right-hand side, turned left straight into her and hit her.

A passer-by describes the horrendous sound of the van driving over Sarah's cycling helmet while she was still wearing it. Sarah was left lying on the ground in deep shock as the van drove off. Several passers-by rushed to help her and shouted after the van as it disappeared down the road.

The van had pulled on the straps of her helmet and badly lacerated her ear. Sarah was helped into a nearby shop and attended by paramedics but went home sometime afterwards.

Unfortunately, she continued to suffer bad pain in her shoulder and went to hospital a few days later where doctors identified a soft tissue injury, limiting her range of motion. She also suffered from injuries to her hand and wrist. For some time after the accident, Sarah found activities such as swimming and driving very difficult because of the reduced motion in her shoulder.

The main impact of the accident, however, was on Sarah's love of cycling. Before the accident, she was a keen member of a cycling club and participated in amateur competitions. She was left feeling very anxious about getting back on her bike after the accident and could only bring herself to cycle occasionally and in places where she could avoid traffic, such as Richmond Park in south-west London.

Fortunately, her orthopaedic symptoms have resolved, although there is a small risk she may require surgery on her shoulder in the future. Sadly, her nervousness about cycling has remained, which has seriously impacted on her enjoyment of being a member of a club.

Because this was a hit and run case, after pursuing statements from witnesses to the accident, Fieldfisher brought a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau under the Untraced Drivers Agreement. Sarah was able to claim for her orthopaedic and psychiatric injuries as well as for the time she took off work and the extra travel costs she incurred after the accident.

She was also able to claim for a course of cycle confidence training to help her get back on her bike, and for the risk of future surgery to her shoulder and any loss of earnings that might result through having to recover.

Sarah said that once Jenny Buchanan and Claire Glasgow were on board, the relief of knowing that someone was looking after her was immense.

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