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Case Study

Six figure compensation for glazier injured in accident at work

Aaron Lawson had just finished a degree in sport science at the University of Hertfordshire when he was badly injured in an accident working temporarily fitting windows at a church hall in North London in November 2015. Aaron had taken the job while he thought about his future, possibly pursuing post-graduate study. He was a keen footballer.

Aaron suffered a serious head injury as a result of the accident, when a piece of cast iron guttering from the hall crashed onto his head. Despite wearing a hard hat, he suffered a 12cm laceration to his forehead. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and required inpatient treatment. He also suffered further lacerations to his face, his teeth, his right shoulder, right clavicle and right side of his chest.

Aaron instructed Jill Greenfield shortly after the accident took place and she worked to quickly to implement an appropriate rehabilitation programme, funded by the defendant insurers.

Aaron's employer had a duty to provide a safe system of work and take reasonable care for his safety while he was working. The occupier of the church hall also had a duty to ensure that Aaron was safe using the premises.

It was alleged that the employer had breached their duty by failing to assess whether there was a risk of falling debris and by requiring him to carry out work on an outdoor poorly lit site late in the afternoon when it was dark and wet. It was also alleged that the hard hat was not sufficiently robust or sufficiently securely fitted since it fell off when Aaron was hit by the guttering.

It was alleged that the occupier of the premises on which he was injured had failed to maintain the church hall so as to prevent the fall of a large piece of guttering. This piece of guttering should have been removed if the building had been maintained to a basic standard.

Aaron was unable to return to work after the accident. He took on a small part-time job for a family friend, but the work was sporadic. His head injury prevented him from working to the level he had before. His psychological injuries meant that he found it difficult to socialise as he had before the accident.

He was left with a deep scar on his forehead and found its appearance very upsetting. He also suffered from fatigue, mood changes and irritability and he found loud noise hard to tolerate.

We secured interim payments to enable Aaron to undergo ongoing rehabilitation including physiotherapy and massage therapy for the ongoing pain in his neck and back, plastic surgery for his scarring and neuropsychiatric input and neuropsychological therapy to help with the psychological aspects of his injury.

In April 2018, Claire Glasgow negotiated a six-figure settlement with the defendant insurers to compensate Aaron for his injuries, loss of earnings, ongoing rehabilitation and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Aaron said: "I'd like to thank Jill, Claire and all at Fieldfisher who worked on my claim, for their support, dedication and patience throughout. Jill's expertise and knowledge involving head and brain injuries was invaluable. I was provided with brilliant care throughout to aid my recovery and cannot recommend Fieldfisher highly enough."

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