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Settlement for teenager who lost testicle after Northwick Park Hospital failed to diagnose testicular torsion

Jamie Green successfully concluded a case brought by Christina Rose* on behalf of her teenage son Jason*. Staff at Northwick Park Hospital failed to diagnose Jason with testicular torsion following his presentation to A&E. As a result of this delayed diagnosis, he had to undergo surgery to remove the testicle. 

Jason initially sustained a cycling injury after falling onto the frame of his bike while riding to school. The pain worsened during the day and he was sent home from school.  His mother called their GP who suspected Jason was suffering from testicular torsion and recommended they go to A&E. The diagnosis requires urgent surgery to correct the torsion to restore blood flow to the testicle. It was therefore vital an assessment and diagnosis be made that day.

Jason and his mother were initially seen by a doctor from A&E who also suspected testicular torsion, and arranged for a colleague from the urology department to assess Jason further. Despite the urgency, the urology registrar took no steps to confirm the diagnosis and instead prescribed pain relief, with a plan to return to the hospital the next day for an ultrasound scan.

The scan confirmed the testicular torsion and that there was no blood flow to the left testicle. Despite this, Jason and his mother were told to return to the hospital for an assessment in three days to consider what needed to be done. 

Jason continued to suffer from considerable pain and, two days later, his mother took him to see a private urological surgeon, who confirmed testicular torsion. He was very concerned that Jason hadn't been diagnosed days earlier at Northwick Park Hospital. Jason was admitted to hospital under the private surgeon's NHS clinic and ultimately required surgery to remove the left testicle.  Jason suffered from severe pain and swelling post-operatively.

Christina instructed Jamie on Jason's behalf to investigate the claim. Jamie obtained expert evidence from a consultant urological surgeon who was critical of the treatment provided during Jason's presentation at Northwick Park Hospital, not least the failure to diagnose testicular torsion.  The expert concluded that, with appropriate treatment following his initial presentation, the left testicle would have been saved. The surgeon considered that Jason would have a lower sperm count than is standard.

Jamie sent a Letter of Claim to the Trust inviting them to admit liability. He was also able to quantify the claim at this time and make an offer of settlement. The valuation of the claim included contingencies for future psychiatric treatment for Jason, as well as the private cost of surgery to insert a prosthetic testicle.
The Trust admitted liability and, following negotiations, Jamie secured a five-figure settlement for Jason, which has since been approved by the Court.

Following conclusion of the case, Christina said:

"We were very let down by the treatment at our local hospital and after the trauma my son suffered I did not know who to turn to.

Thankfully, we came across Fieldfisher and it was an absolute pleasure that Jamie took our case. He was very professional and compassionate. He explained all the steps in simple words and we had lots of support all the way through. If it wasn't for Jamie we wouldn’t have had any closure on this case and the settlement will be a big help to my son moving forward. A big thank you to Jamie - keep up the good work in helping families that had to go through a traumatic experience like ourselves."

*names changed

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