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Knee Amputation Claim Settlement: Over £3 million recovered for above knee amputee requiring osseointegration surgery

Personal Injury Solicitor Mark Bowman was instructed by Mark following an accident at work on 16 June 2008. Mark was operating a JCB telescopic handler on a construction site on St Michael's Drive in Kent. Unfortunately the machine was not suitable for the job that Mark was being asked to carry out and therefore toppled over causing him to suffer severe injuries.

The injuries sustained on his left leg were so catastrophic that it required a trans femoral or an above the knee amputation. In addition his right leg also suffered serious injuries including compound fractures to both the tibia and fibula whereby there was a high risk of it also requiring amputation, but following multiple surgical procedures (and the use of an Ilzarov frame for over 5 months) it was saved.

Due to the nature of his injuries Mark remained as an in patient at the Royal London Hospital until 08 September 2008 at which point he was discharged to Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton for further rehabilitation. He was not discharged home until 21 December 2008, some 6 months after his accident.

Mark required specialist accommodation and we were able to obtain sizeable interim payments in order to secure suitable, single level, rental accommodation for him throughout the conduct of the litigation.

Despite liability being firmly in dispute we were also able to obtain significant interim payments in order to enable Mark to obtain private prosthetics. Unfortunately Mark's residual stump kept changing shape meaning that he was unable to use a socket with his prosthetic limb. This placed him in a very difficult position, as the most readily available alternative would be to use a wheelchair, something Mark was determined to avoid. Investigations commenced as to appropriate alternatives for Mark and it soon became clear that osseointegration surgery was a possibility. Unfortunately such treatment is not available in the UK and therefore we persuaded the Defendants that it was necessary for Mark to be treated in Sweden, the only European country offering such surgery. Over the course of his litigation Mark frequently travelled back and forth to Sweden for osseointegration surgery, whereby a titanium rod was implanted into his femur, and to which the prosthetic is attached, thereby removing the need for a conventional socket.

We were able to secure a favourable liability outcome for Mark, and following a settlement meeting in July 2013, Mark was awarded a gross award of over £3,000,000 in compensation. This money will help secure Mark's future and in particular enable him to purchase a suitable property, state of the art prosthetics and ensure he has sufficient money to pay for his complex care needs.

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