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Case Study

East Kent Hospitals University Trust apologises for misreported cervical smear

Christina Gardiner secured an admission of liability and financial settlement for 44-year-old Theresa*, who experienced a delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer due to a misreported cervical smear.

Theresa experienced various concerning symptoms, including post coital pain and bleeding. She attended an appointment with her GP who referred her for a smear test. The result was reported as normal with no further action required. Unfortunately, the smear test had been misreported. East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust admitted that the liquid based cytology sample was incorrectly reported and should have revealed a neoplastic lesion. Instead it was reported as normal.

The Trust admitted that its error led to a delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer and offered an apology to Theresa.

Theresa is particularly keen that lessons be learned from the failures that she experienced to better protect other women in the future. She was grateful for the support that she received upon instructing Fieldfisher.

Christina has a special interest in cervical cancer claims, recognising the importance of accuracy in cervical cancer screening, since cervical cancer is often preventable with proper and accurate screening.

Delayed diagnosis can have a significant impact on someone's health and life. Pursuing a claim can obtain compensation to help fund the appropriate treatment and support.

*name changed

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