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Case Study

Delayed diagnosis of brain tumour causes child to suffer extensive brain damage

Julia Hamilton is investigating quantum in a case arising from a negligent delay in diagnosing a brain tumour (a pilocytic astrocytoma) as a result of which the child suffered ongoing, undiagnosed hydrocephalus causing extensive brain damage. His injuries would have been avoided with appropriate care.

During the period of delay, the child, who was only two years old at the time, regressed as a result of the hydrocephalus and lost the ability to walk. Following surgery, he was able to learn to walk again but is ataxic (he lacks voluntary coordination of muscle movements) and his vision is impaired.

As well as physical injury, the child lives with significant cognitive impairment and will need ongoing support and assistance with daily life and will unfortunately not be able to live independently or undertake paid employment. Currently, his parents care for him at home.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust admitted breach of duty and that with appropriate care and earlier diagnosis, the child's outcome would have been better. Quantum investigations are at an early stage but an interim payment has been obtained to address immediate therapy needs while the nature and extent of his injuries attributable to the admitted negligence and his resulting needs are determined.

The child's mother said that the relationship between her and Julia is very important to her: 'Julia and her team have supported and explained things to me which has enabled me to get through some difficult times and to understand each stage we have gone though. She is always at the end of phone. Thank you, Julia.'

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