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Case Study

£950,000 settlement and apology for GP error delaying thyroid cancer diagnosis

Christina Gardiner was instructed to represent Lynnette in a medical negligence claim concerning a GP error.

Following a scan in 2012, the radiologist wrote to Lynnette's GP about an incidental finding of a thyroid nodule, recommending she be referred for further investigations. The letter was received but not acted upon. Had Lynnette been referred at that time, she would have received curative treatment. Instead, her thyroid cancer was not detected until the end of 2016. As a result, Lynnette suffered avoidable progression of cancer and development of metastatic lung disease, which is incurable.

The delay in diagnosing Lynnette's thyroid cancer has significantly impacted her life. She has been forced to give up a 30-year nursing career and her life expectancy is affected.

Lynnette instructed Christina to investigate a claim against the GP surgery for their serious failures of care in 2012. Christina secured an admission of liability from the Defendant who admitted that a referral to a thyroid clinic should have been made following the original finding of the thyroid nodule. Court judgment was entered in Lynnette's favour.

Christina secured financial settlement of £950,000 for Lynnette at a settlement meeting, shortly before trial.
The GP has since provided an unreserved apology to Lynnette for the standard of care provided.

Following settlement, Lynnette said:

'I can’t express how very grateful I am for all of your support over the years. It’s been an emotional time, but you have always listened and supported my wishes, in relation to what I didn’t want to know, and considered the mental health impact on me, and I’m so, so grateful.  I feel it could have been even harder without your empathy. I always knew you had my best interests in mind.

'The settlement has given me hope for the future, and security for now, and that is worth more than the money in the bank. 

'Thank-you isn’t enough, but thank you Christina, you’ve changed my life.

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