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84-year-old amputee told she would never walk again climbs O2

Jennifer Buchanan paid tribute to a 'wonderful and remarkable' client following a high-value settlement of her road traffic accident claim earlier this year. Our client was told she would never walk again, but abseiled down 17 floors of the Royal London Hospital.

Gulshan Billimoria, 81 at the time, was hit by a bus while crossing the road at Oxford Circus. Her right leg suffered a traumatic amputation at the scene. She had to undergo a through the knee amputation, below the knee with massive de-gloving injury to the whole of the right leg, extending to the flank. She also had fractures to her spine and significant soft tissue injury to her right hand. She was attended too by the London Ambulance Service and the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service with resuscitation at the scene, and was taken to Queen Mary’s hospital, Paddington.  

The driver of the bus quickly admitted liability for causing Mrs. Billimoria's injuries and the employer thereafter supported and engaged in her rehabilitation. This early input and collaboration allowed for such a remarkable recovery to be made.

After a long stay in hospital, she was told that she would not walk again. Mrs. Billimoria was eventually discharged to a rehabilitation Centre in Lambeth.

Previously she had lived an independent and full life, living on her own in Brixton, walking, gardening, running a social club, spending time with her grandchildren and family, seeing friends and travelling. Since her accident, however, her home had become unsuitable for her needs.

Once instructed, Jennifer recommended a suitable Case Manager, Jennifer Rudd (Jenny), together with her children, sourced accommodation for Mrs. Billimoria, all on one level to fit her wheelchair, and on the same road as her son. She arranged therapies, aids and equipment and a live-in carer. Following final settlement of the claim, Mrs. Billimoria will be looked after for life, be provided with prosthetics and ongoing rehabilitation and therapies.



Most remarkably, Mrs. Billimoria was determined to prove wrong the doctors who said she would not walk again. In the pictures above, you can see the height of the Royal London Hospital and see Mrs. Billimoria abseiling the Royal London Hospital from the 17th Floor. She persuaded Fieldfisher's Adam Curry, Jennifer Rudd, and Sally Finlay, Physiotherapist, to also abseil to raise much-needed funds for the London Air Ambulance. Mrs Billimoria raised more than £6,800

Mrs. Billimoria also climbed, up and down the side of the O2 Arena with Jennifer and Lewis Ayre, her daughter, grand-daughter and carer, and raised just under £5,000 for the Limbless Association.


Following her remarkable recovery, Mrs. Billimoria said:

'I am just very lucky to be alive after such a horrific accident. I thank the London Air Ambulance Service team, doctors, nurses, and other services who helped me through my very difficult times.

Days and months in hospital kept passing by, coming to nearly seven months.  It was not easy to cope as it was during peak Covid time.  I tried hard not to get depressed by saying, smile, think positive and look forward to another tomorrow. Life must go on. I was able to walk with two sticks, but my aim now is to walk unaidied someday.

Jennifer Buchanan fought tirelessly for me. It was during my time in hospital that I was introduced to Jennifer by my children. My daughter had sent me quite a few introductions of other lawyers, but she insisted that she felt Jennifer Buchannan was the right person and the best - she proved right!

After I was discharged from hospital, Jennifer came to my house to introduce herself, which was very gratifying, seeing her personally and discussing my accident and the way forward. I found Jennifer friendly and easy to approach.  She is a ready listener and sympathetic too.

She and her team worked tirelessly to get the case settled and I will always be grateful for the diligence and hard work that delivered a settlement that now enables me to get on with my life.'


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