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Case Study

£1.175m recovered for an elderly man whose substandard anticoagulation management caused a stroke

Iona Meeres-Young and Christina Gardiner were instructed to represent Janusz in a medical negligence claim concerning a nurse practitioner error.

Janusz is a Polish national who has lived in the UK with his wife for more than 20 years. He was required to take anticoagulation medication following heart surgery and was under the care of his GP surgery to monitor his INR levels (a blood test to measure how well the blood is clotting) accordingly.

Due to negligent care of his General Practice and particularly a nurse practitioner employed by the practice, the claimant’s INR levels were not competently managed and he suffered two ischaemic strokes. The first occurred on 12 January 2014 and the second on 23 January 2014. The Claimant was 65 years-old and was severely disabled by the strokes. His life expectancy was significantly reduced to eight years from trial. 

Supportive expert evidence was obtained and court proceedings were issued and served.

There was a dispute as to whether the nurse practitioner was self-employed or whether the GPs at the practice were vicariously liable for her acts and/or omissions. A preliminary issue trial was listed to determine this point. Shortly beforehand, the GPs accepted vicarious liability for the nurse practitioner's actions in respect of the claim.

Iona and Christina secured a full admission of liability with judgment being entered in the claimant's favour.

Further substantial evidence was obtained to demonstrate the extent of Janusz' injuries arising from the negligence. Following negotiations, a financial settlement of £1.175m was secured shortly before trial.

Janusz and his family expressed their gratitude for the hard work and support provided by the Fieldfisher team, including by Marlena Mistak who communicated with them in Polish throughout.

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