Toward better healthcare through tech? | Fieldfisher
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We look forward to welcoming you to our panel discussion and are delighted to confirm the speakers for next week as:

  • Palantir - Dr. Justin Whatling, Managing Director Global Health & Life Sciences
  • MBI Healthcare Technologies – John Bull, Partner
  • – Dr. Lizzie Tuckey, Managing Director
  • Spirit Health – Chris Barker, CEO

Historically healthcare technology has often been associated with white elephants, not least the disastrous National Program for IT and repeated, mostly unsuccessful, multi-billion dollar attempts at cracking the direct-to-consumer health tech market. This year we have seen significant further developments notably the advent of AI at scale, the award of the Federated Data Platform contract to Palantir and the changing fortunes and reimbursement of telemedicine. So what’s in store for 2024?

Our hosts Thomas Colmer (Corporate Partner) and Chris Eastham (Technology Partner) from Fieldfisher and Karri Vuori (Managing Partner & Head of UK) from IMAP will be joined by charismatic senior executives leading companies at the forefront of technological change in healthcare to discuss the direction of travel for the sector in 2024.