Driving space business in a changing world: financing, investment and M&A | Fieldfisher
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Through recent months, space businesses have, more than ever before, been balancing their attention between the short and longer term priorities. While the immediate challenges need to be addressed, the longer term case for robust, high bandwidth satellite communications and broader space services has become even more compelling. Over the months ahead, we will see how these trends create opportunities to drive the future of space business.

We are delighted to welcome a superb panel of experts to discuss how the current commercial influences will set the tone for the next evolution of space business, whether through new financing, M&A or consolidation. The panel will draw on many years' experience to offer insights into key factors such as:

  • how current changes in satellite markets will shape future opportunities;
  • how tomorrow's transactions will be crafted;
  • what makes these deals succeed (or fail).

Our expert panel comprises:
Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult
Mark Boggett, CEO, Seraphim Capital
Antony Northrop, CEO, NOR Capital
Tim Bird, partner, Fieldfisher
Chair: John Worthy, partner, head of Satellite and Space Projects, Fieldfisher.
If you're interested in joining this webinar please send us your details via the register button and we will be in touch confirming your place.