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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 2022 cohort is now full and unfortunately, due to Covid-19 the recruitment for our Early Careers programmes, including Training Contracts have been postponed until Summer in 2021. When we reopen our applications, it will be for a Training Contract commencing in 2023.

There are other ways you can get to know us in the meantime, including insight days, informative workshops and work experience placements (depending on your year of study). See our events page for more details.

We have not yet made a decision on the study route for the SQE, however it is likely that the first cohort will join us in 2023.

Aside from consistently good academic record, we’re looking for people who are ambitious, innovative, naturally inquisitive and commercially minded. Also, tell us what attracted you particularly to Fieldfisher and what personal qualities you can bring to the firm. Ensure the application is clear, spellchecked, concise yet informative.

It has been a difficult time for students and we stand by the fact that there other ways to determine whether someone is a good fit and if they can excel. Don't forget to highlight your personal achievements, hobbies and work experience – these are some of the things that will help your application form stand out. We would encourage you to discuss your academic background and any mitigating circumstances with the graduate recruitment team before applying. 

Only in exceptional circumstances.

We arrange regular seminars and social events for our future trainees and keep them informed of developments in the firm. We also operate an online secure community, exclusively for future trainees, so we can keep in touch easily wherever you are in the world.

There are opportunities for trainees to be seconded to clients, such as Viacom, BBC, as well as to our Silicon Valley office.

We do not ask our trainees to do any compulsory seats, but in line with SRA requirements, we encourage them to complete one contentious and one non contentious seat.

Unfortunately if we have not received your completed application by midnight on the closing date, it cannot be considered. The deadline for completing the online assessment will be provided to you should you make it through to that stage of the application process.

Applications remain open until the deadline, but we may start reviewing applications, and inviting applicants to undertake our online strengths assessment before the deadline, if volumes are high. 

The Capp test is an online testing platform aimed at measuring behaviour and attitudes in relation to work-related scenarios. Some of the skills that we measure are drive, collaboration, judgement, social awareness, networking and relationships and cognitive abilities. 
The assessment is designed to make candidates think about what they would do in a particular situation as if they were a current Trainee at the Fieldfisher.
We believe that these are the skills required to be the successful Lawyers and Business Advisors of tomorrow. 

Recruitment Privacy Notice

Read our policies regarding how we use you data during the recruitment process.

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