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Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership - a guide to source materials including the employee ownership tax exemptions introduced in the Finance Act 2014

This article was originally published on 9 February 2014 and contains links to the main documents related to the Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership.

It has been updated to include links to statutory instruments that deal with making EMI options compatible with employee-ownership trusts and amendments to the "Nuttall Review" share buy-back provisions. There are additional materials available from the Making employee ownership more accessible UK Government policy web page.

1.  Nuttall Review – main documents

2.  Nuttall Review announcements

3.  Informal consultation

4. “Right to request” consultation

5.  Robert Oakeshott Memorial lecture

6.  Employee ownership and share buy backs

7.  EO Day 2013 publications following Nuttall review recommendations

8.  Amending the rule against perpetuities

9.  Implementation Group on Employee Ownership

10.  Government home pages

  • UK Government web page with “making employee ownership more accessible” policy statement 
  • Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and HM Treasury Employee Ownership home page 
  • HM Revenue & Customs Employee Ownership home page

11.  HM Treasury internal review

  • Budget 2012 (21 March 2012) announcement that “HM Treasury would conduct an internal review to examine the role of employee ownership in supporting growth and examine options to remove barriers, including tax barriers, to its wider take-up” 
  • Autumn Statement 2012 (5 December 2012) set out the key outcomes of HM Treasury’s internal review

12.  Employee ownership trust tax exemptions in the Finance Act 2014

Please note: Employee-shareholder status (originally announced as employee-owner status on 8 October 2012) is not a Nuttall Review recommendation, and neither is the Employer Ownership Pilot. For information on UK public service mutuals please start with the Cabinet Office Mutuals Information Service


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