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*NEW INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CJEU LAW DATABASE LAUNCHED BY FIELDFISHER IN BRUSSELS* - (re)discovering the CJEU case law in intellectual propertyAs the CJEU's case law is one of the most important sources of EU law, it is essential for practitioners to be able to easily - (re)discovering the CJEU case law in intellectual property

As the CJEU's case law is one of the most important sources of EU law, it is essential for practitioners to be able to easily retrieve landmark cases and keep track of new developments.

Fieldfisher's Brussels office just launched a new website that will be of great assistance in performing those daily checks.

IPcuria is a freely accessible, online database covering all former and recent referrals, decisions and appeals of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the field of intellectual property law. Please click here to access the IPcuria database.

This database is the brainchild of Hakim Haouideg and Stijn Debaene, IP lawyers in Fieldfisher's Brussels office.


The idea for creating IPcuria originated several years ago, when Hakim and Stijn felt the increasing need to introduce a structure to capture the relevant data in the ever expanding jurisprudence of the CJEU.

Having examined various options to achieve this goal, they decided that an online database would be the most appropriate tool and they went on to register the domain in 2009.

Five years later (and after having spent many hours programming and going through vast amounts of case law), the project is finally ready to be launched to the public.


As explained on the website, users can search and consult the CJEU's case law - exclusively in English - through three main functionalities. There is an option to consult the latest referrals, decisions and appeals on the website's homepage, next to a full-text and a categorical search option.

On the website's homepage, a selection of the latest referrals, preliminary rulings, rulings on appeal and pending appeals is listed. When clicking through to the complete records, the decisions are briefly summarized by key words and, users can access the full text on the IPcuria website or, in the case of pending appeals, by using the external links to the CJEU's website.

The full-text search option operates as a simple search function allowing users to quickly browse the contents of the collected case law. Search results are organised by type of decision, highlighting the decisions’ sections that contain the searched word. With a simple click, the full text of the selected decision can be consulted and printed in a clear format.

Finally, the website has a categorical search option allowing users to search case law by topic. All of the main areas of intellectual property law are covered. Search results are once again organised by type of decision, quoting the decisions' relevant paragraphs and allowing users to easily consult and print the selected decision in full.

Keeping in mind our mobile society, the website was designed in a minimalist style, so that it can be accessed on smartphones and tablets as well.

We hope that this database will be an incredibly helpful and time-saving resource to all IP practitioners, students and aficionados.

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