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Getting There:

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Closest stations:

  • Bank

Distance: 0.3 miles, 6 minute walk to Riverbank House (all routes involve a small steep hill downwards to get to the office, unless you aim in the direction of London Bridge and get the lift, which is located on the North West side of the bridge, down to the river)

Disabled Access: not all lines are accessible. Stair-free entrance/exit by lift via King William Street only. Lift is available on request; you need to press button to alert staff.

    Distance: 0.3 miles, 5 minute walk to Riverbank House (all routes involve a small steep hill downwards to get to the office) 

    Disabled Access: this station has part step-free access

    District & Circle Lines: Lift access between street and westbound platform only. 

    Overground: The middle entrance on Cannon Street is step-free and leads to the concourse near the ticket office. A lift opposite platform 1 connects the upper and lower concourses.

      Distance: 0.7miles, 15 minute walk (mostly flat, this includes no stairs down from London Bridge as there is a lift available on the West side of the bridge) 

      For step-free access, you need to use the correct entrance/exit depending on which platform you are travelling from/to:

        Distance: 0.2 miles, 5 minute walk to Riverbank House (all routes involve a small steep hill downwards to get to the office)

        Disabled Access: No step free access. 

          The easiest and fastest route from London Bridge to Riverbank House via road is via the A300:

            Central Line: no step-free access; there is an escalator and lift access platforms, but this route involves 2 steps to the platform and a large step onto the 

            Waterloo & City Line: Lift, escalator and travelator access to platforms but manual ramp needed to get on and off the train (alert station staff of your requirements when arriving at the station/before boarding the train).

            DLR: full step-free access - escalator and lift access between street (King William Street) and DLR platforms. NB. The doors for the DLR are button-operated.

            Cannon Street (Underground and Overground)

            London Bridge (Overground and Underground) 

            Lift access between street and Jubilee line platforms from Station Approach and Tooley Street entrances and Northern line platforms via Borough High Street 

            Escalator access between street and Jubilee line platforms via Borough High Street entrance only

            Escalator interchange between Jubilee and Northern lines via Northern line ticket hall

            Lift interchange between Jubilee and Northern lines requires exiting the station and travelling a 410m journey via the street – staff are available to direct and assist


            From London Bridge via Road 

            Take London Bridge Street to Borough High Street 

            Take Southwark Street / A3200 to Thrale Street 

            Follow Thrale Street to Southwark Bridge Road/ A300

            Continue of A300 to Swan Lane 

            Turn right onto Swan Lane (Destination will be on the right) 

            Drop Off Points:

            The taxi drop off is outside the building on Swan Lane.
            There is no need to contact reception before arrival as there is an electronically powered disabled access door on Upper Thames Street where you can press the button to alert security and the door will open in order to enter the building. 
            Once signed in at ground floor reception, there is a wider accessible pass-operated barrier (security staff can assist with this if needed) and once through, you can access the lifts to access the 9th floor reception. The lifts are operated via touch-screen buttons prior to entering the lift.

            Assistance Dogs:

            Assistance dogs are more than welcome into the building. 
            If would like to discuss your access needs further, please liaise with 9th floor reception prior to arrival on 0207 861 4111 or


            There are a limited number of car spaces in the Underground Car Park (lower basement level), bookable in advance via the reception who will check availability and allocate a bay. 

            Information for visitors:

            • Please contact your host to arrange for a disabled parking bay to be booked.
            • Information on the logistics of parking and dimensions of the car park can be found below.

            Information for hosts:

            • As the host, the visitor must have your telephone number to advise you when they are nearing the office. In addition, please also provide Reception's telephone number – in case your visitor cannot get hold of you, Reception will arrange for the Concierge team to meet your visitor.
            • You are allowed to collect your visitor's access pass before their arrival, on the same day.
            • Ask your visitor to call you 5-10 minutes before their arrival in the office so you can meet them in the car park, with their pass.
            • When driving down Swan Lane, your visitor will see the Parking Entrances (2 x lifts) on your right.
            • They will need to buzz the intercom (located between the 2 lifts).  Access to the building via the Car Park is not designed for unaccompanied disabled visitors as please be aware that your visitor will need to exit their vehicle in order to access the intercom, as it is located away from the driver's reach.Security will ask their name, registration and allocated parking bay. 9th Floor Reception will inform you of this when you book your visitor in. These details will be checked against the Parking Bay reservation.
            • The car lift will be opened remotely.
            • Your visitor will need to enter the car lift and continue to the Basement Parking Garage.  Please note that the height restriction for the car lift is 215cm and weight restriction is 5600kg. The length is 636cm.  
            • On exiting the car lift, they will need to park in your allocated Parking Bay.  
            • They will then need to return through one of the car lifts to street level and make their way to the Ground Floor Reception where a visitor's pass can be obtained to access the 9th floor reception (disabled access via the electronically powered door). 

            Closest Public Parking

            • NCP Vintry Thames Exchange - 0.2 miles, 1 minute drive, 2 disabled bays.
            • Baynard House - 0.8 miles, 4 minute drive, 5 disabled bays.
            • NCP London Bridge - 1.3 miles, 8 minute drive, 12 disabled bays.
            • The City of London have 200 allocated time-limited disabled bays across the Square Mile for Blue Badge holders.

            Entering the Offices 

            Please note: All visitors to Riverbank House are required to provide a valid form of identification to reception for security purposes. 

            • Main Entrance
            • There are rotating doors to the building, however, these have no disabled access. Instead, there is a buzzer and/or fob-operated automatic accessible door located next to the rotating doors on the right. 

            • The height of the buzzer to the floor on entering the building is 133cm. If you are unable to reach this height, please notify your host in advance so they can meet you or, alternatively, the doors are glass and security staff are present at all times and will spot you waiting outside so will open the door.
            • On exiting the building, the button to press is 95cm from the floor.
            • Reception 

            The route from the lobby to reception is wheelchair accessible through the disabled access turnstile. 

            • The turnstile is fob operated, has a double door, and is 93cm wide. 
            • Building Overview 

            Once through the turnstile, lifts must be called via a computer terminal located in the corridor leading to the lifts – all terminals are accessible from a wheelchair. The buttons are touch-screen and require minimal pressure. If, however, you are unable to reach over to press the screen, please ask a member of security staff for assistance.

            All Passengers lifts can accommodate a wheelchair - dimensions: 109cm (door) x 193cm (width) x 160cm (depth). 

            All fire lifts can also accommodate a wheelchair - dimensions: 80cm (door) x 107cm (width) x 140cm (depth). 

            All fire doors are also wheelchair accessible:

            Dimensions – South side: 

            • Single door – 110cm (width)
            • Double doors – 166cm (width) 

            Dimensions – North side:

            • Single door – 109cm (width)
            • Double door – 167cm (width)

            All double doors on the 7th, 8th (to concierge) and 9th (to reception) floors can accommodate a wheelchair - width: 180cm. 

            All doors are manually operated on 7th, 8th and 9th floors except the doors on the 7th Floor (7 west) on the south side of the building which are automatic. These are fob operated to enter and the push of a button to exit. The accessible loo on this floor also has an automatic door, the buttons for which are touch-sensitive.

            Access to basement and parking:

            • For wheelchair access from the fire lift via the south side of the building to the basement and parking requires going through three manual doors, one automatic door and down one ramp (please see above dimensions). 
            • The automatic door to the basement requires fob activation and can accommodate a wheelchair - dimensions: 103cm (width) x 137cm (depth).
            • The north side of the building requires the same access. 
            • Meeting Rooms 

            All meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible. Staff are on hand to assist with doors.

            There is fixed loop hearing available only in the seminar room located on the 9th floor


            • Accessible Toilets

            The 7th floor has three disable toilets, two on the south side and one on the north.

            South side:

            • There is one large toilet with a wet room, shower with a pull-down seat and a portable hoist. With the shower, there is also a drop down handrail for extra support where needed. The emergency red cord is located to the right hand side of the toilet, with a drop down handle located to the left hand side for extra support. For toilet access, there is more overall space to the left. This also has an automatic door for entry and exit. The buttons are touch-sensitive and include a locking button. Please note there is no changing bed in this toilet. If the hoist is required, please bring your own sling.
            • The other disabled toilet on this side of the building is located next door but is quite a bit smaller. There is more accessibility to the toilet on the right hand side, with the emergency red cord located on the left hand side. There is also a drop down handle for extra support on the left. 

            North side:

            • The toilet on this side of the building has more space to the right of the toilet with the emergency red cord located to the left as well as a drop down handrail. 

            The 8th floor has two disabled toilets, one on the south and one on the north side, these have the same format as the 7th floor but again are different in terms of space and where the emergency cords are located. 

            South side:

            • The red emergency cord is located to left hand side of the toilet with the drop down handle also on the left for support where needed. Accessibility wise, there is more space to the right hand side of the toilet. 

            North side:

            • The red emergency cord is located to the left hand side of the toilet with the drop down hand rail located on the right. There is also more space for access to the right of the toilet. 

            The 9th floor has three disabled toilets located by reception, meeting room 9.13 and by the seminar room.

            By reception:

            • This toilet has a red emergency cord located to the to the left hand side of the toilet, with the drop down hand rail located on the right. There is also more overall accessibility to the right hand side of the toilet. 

            By meeting room 9.13:

            • This disabled toilet is a cubicle actually located within the main toilets itself and marginally smaller. Please note that this cubicle also has no emergency red cord. 

            By the Seminar room:

            This toilet has a red emergency cord located to the left hand side of the toilet with a drop down handrail on the right. With regard to accessibility, there is more space to the right of the toilet. 

            Prayer Room and Medical Room

            There is no specific prayer room within in the building, however, the first aid room located on the 7th floor (south side) can provide you with a quiet space for such a use. 

            The medical room has a multitude of facilities in case you are feeling unwell or if there is an emergency. This includes:

            • A fully stocked first aid kit
            • A bed
            • Wheelchair 
            • Crutches 
            • Clinical waste bin 
            • A defibrillator