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Condor ALS LLP

Condor ALS LLP provides alternative legal solutions.  Although it is a subsidiary of Fieldfisher LLP, it is a separate business and does not provide legal advice of the services of practising lawyers.  It is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  

Condor ALS LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales (registered no: OC414063).  A list of its members and their professional qualifications is available at its registered office, Riverbank House, 2 Swan Lane, London EC4R 3TT.

Condor ALS's professional indemnity insurance is provided by QBE UK Limited, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD, Starr Insurance (Europe) Limited, registered address 4th Floor, 30 Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 5AD, Axis Speciality Europe SE, 4th Floor, Plantation Place South, 60 Great Tower Street, London EC3R 5AZ and Lloyds Syndicate 1967 WRB, 14th Floor, 52 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AF.