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Transport Law is characterised by the opening-up to competition and the expansion of transport by coach. The powers of the sector-based regulator are increased.

You will find a summary of the main provisions adopted which may be of interest to your company. They relate to labour law (1), competition, distribution and consumer law (2), telecommunications law (3), e-commerce (4), company and tax law (5), banking law (6), environmental law (7) and transport law (8).

The Transport sector will be opened up to encourage competition and there is expected to be an increase in travel by coach. The powers of the sector-based regulator are to be increased.

  • More competition for coach operators
    • Following the FCA's Opinion No. 14-A-05 of 27 February 2014 on the competitive operation of regular inter-regional transport by coach, the coach sector is opening-up to competition. Regrettably similar changes to the rail sector due by 2019 have been delayed.


  • Increasing the powers of the sector-based regulator
    • The French rail regulator (formerly ARAF) has changed its name to include road activities, and shall now be known as ARAFER (Regulatory Authority for Rail and Road Activities). The regulation of toll prices charged by motorway concessions and coach transport regulation are now within the remit of ARAFER (the attribution of these powers was initially envisaged in favour of the FCA, but this idea was abandoned).


  • Access to data on public transportation
    • Public transportation data are now accessible in open data: key data such as routes, schedules and fares must now be uploaded and accessible to the public in an open format.