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Mobile money: seizing the opportunities

John Worthy


United Kingdom

Mobile money: seizing the opportunities

Tech Bytes contents

  • An ambitious new framework for a data reliant world
  • European Commission ecommerce action plan
  • European framework for "notice-and-take-down" procedures
  • Creating an integrated card, e-payments and mobile payments market for Europe
  • Commission consults on technology transfer agreements
  • Public sector information:  EU open data proposals
  • Public sector – UK government advocates new strategic approach to procurement
  • Let's call the whole thing off – outsourcing exits
  • Mobile money: seizing the opportunities


On Wednesday 25 January 2012 Fieldfisher hosted a keynote seminar on 'Mobile Money in 2012: seizing the opportunities in m-payments and m-banking'. Expert speakers from Vodafone and Nokia joined our team of lawyers, who have recently been advising on some of the latest and most influential mobile money projects, to examine the major legal and regulatory issues for existing players and new entrants.   The presentations addressed a number of important topics:

  • where the industry is heading;
  • how to manage a mobile payments programme rollout;
  • choosing the right commercial model;
  • the EU Commission's Green Paper on Card, Internet and Mobile Payments and the creation of an effective market in m-payments;
  • the financial services regulatory regime and how to identify and negotiate the regulatory pitfalls; and
  • how to achieve compliance with critical data security requirements.

The event drew strong representation from leading organisations active in the field, including major mobile operators, banks, card issuers, service providers, technology suppliers, retailers and investors.

The seminar materials and a webinar of the event are available on request from If you have comments or questions on the seminar or would like to know more about our mobile money practice, please contact John Worthy.

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