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International Employment Bulletin #2


Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom

Read the 'International Employment Bulletin #2' from Fieldfisher covering legal employment issues

Welcome to the March 2011 edition of our International Employment law Bulletin. In this edition, we focus on new developments in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and UK. We have also added two specific sections, one focusing on new developments in EU social security law, and one covering the issue of sending employees in troubled parts of the world.

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In this edition:

European Union: Social Security: New guidelines

Further to coordination Regulation 883/2004, new rules apply for determining the social security applicable to mobile workers within the EU. Read More

Belgium: New limits on Executive Compensation

New legislation on corporate governance restricting executive compensation was published in 2010. A number of provisions, e.g. re golden parachutes, came into force in July 2010, other provisions as of the first financial year after the legislation was published, which for most companies was on 1st January 2011. Read More

France: French Supreme Court provides guidance on redeployment

Before an employer can dismiss an employee on economic grounds, it must prove that it tried by all means to redeploy the employee within the employer's corporate group. This obligation is not easy to implement in practice and guidance from the Courts is welcome. Read More

Germany: Mobility Clauses in Employment Contracts: Any more questions?

The Federal Labour Court ruled that mobility clauses which entitle an employer to move an employee to another office in Germany are not required to refer to an 'appropriate' notice period or to a maximum distance radius between the offices. The judgment clarified an important issue concerning mobility clauses. Read More

Italy: Is time up for the old Collective Bargaining Agreements?

Action taken by one of the major Italian players in the automotive industry has highlighted a new approach to industrial relations. Read More

UK: Which law applies?

With an increasingly global workforce, establishing which country has jurisdiction to hear employees' claims is often a complex exercise. A recent decision from the Court of Appeal relating to discrimination claims has shed some light on the approach taken by the courts in Great Britain. Read More

International: Sending employees to troubled parts of the world

The recent unrest in the Middle East came as a surprise to some people. There are many employers who are unaware of their obligations in respect of the safety of employees required to travel and work in parts of the world where their health and safety might be compromised. What should an employer do if an employee is required to work in a troubled location?. Read More

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