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German Motion Picture Fund



Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy launches new German Motion Picture Fund for producers and co-producers resident in Germany, or which have their registered office there.

In December 2015, a new film and TV funding program was launched in Germany entitled "German Motion Picture Fund". This was launched by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, and it means for the first time, innovative series formats and digital filmmaking will be funded at a federal level.

The aim of the fund is to stimulate the development of theatrical motion pictures and TV series as well as encouraging digital film making in Germany. Applications can be made by both producers and co-producers who are resident or have a registered office in Germany. The financial aid will be awarded during project funding as partial financing in the form of a non-repayable grant. Producers can expect to receive up to €2.5 million as a non-repayable grant from the automatic scheme. This can increase up to €4 million for TV series' if the German spend is at least €20 million and at least €1 million has been spent on digital filmmaking over all phases of the entire production process.

For more information, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy have released guidelines.