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Extension period of temporary measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic to 1 October 2021

Jan Schouten



On 24 April 2020 the Temporary Act regarding COVID-19 Justice and Security (Temporary Act) was adopted. Among other subjects, this Temporary Act enabled the holding of electronic shareholders meetings and electronic voting and the extension by the management board of the period for adoption of annual accounts with by five months. For further explanations please see our earlier article here.

All measures taken by this Temporary Act would expire on 1 October 2020. Meanwhile, the expiry date of the Termporary Act had been extended several times in view of the limited measures enforced in order to prevent new infections. Most recently, on 18 May 2021 it was decided to extend the expiry date of the Temporary Act to 1 August 2021. At that time, the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection has communicated his intention to terminate the measures by the Temporary Act from that date. In view of the recent increase of Covid-19 infections in the Netherlands, however, on 23 July 2021 it was decided to extend the expiry date of the Temporary Act once more with a period of two months to 1 October 2021.

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