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EU Regulatory Bulletin May 2013



EU Regulatory Bulletin May 2013.

Pesticides & New data requirements

The European Commission published two Regulations and two corresponding Communications on data requirements  for plant protection products and active substances...

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Modification of active substance renewal rules

As of 15 May 2013 all applicants for the renewal of authorisations for active substances have to submit a full dossier to EFSA and not just a summary...

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Cosmetics Regulation introduces "Responsible Person"

As of 11 July 2013 the European Regulation on cosmetic products will be applicable in its entirety. The provisions that will now apply include those related to market surveillance and in particular, those referring to the responsible person...

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Trichloroethylene and seven chromium compounds added to REACH Annex XIV

The European Commission adopted regulation 348/2013 in order to add eight substances to the REACH authorization list. The mentioned regulation covers trichloroethylene and seven chromium compounds. Five cobalt compounds which were also recommended, have not been included in the end...

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