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Welcome to the EU Regulatory Bulletin.

This newsletter is issued by our Brussels EU Regulatory & Competition team, which specialises in the regulatory aspects of chemicals (REACH), biocides & pesticides.

In this edition:

Nano, Food & Risk Assessment
  • EFSA issued a draft Guidance on risk assessment concerning potential risks arising from applications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies to food and feed Read more >

Lost in Definition : EU-level efforts to define nanomaterial
  • The nano sector is a fast growing industry branch, however, an agreement on what is understood by the term "nanomaterial" does not exist...  Read more > 

The EU bans Bisphenol A in baby bottles
  • After months of discussion, the Commission decided to ban BPA use in polycarbonate baby bottles Read more >

New EU Framework for Cross Boarder Health Care
  • In order to provide clarity and legal certainty as well as support for co-operation between national health care systems, the Commission established a long-awaited EU framework to ensure cross-border access to health care services.  Read more >

When is waste no longer waste?
  • The first end-of-waste Regulation has been published setting such criteria for iron and steel scrap and for aluminium scrap.  Read more >

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