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Dawn Raids by HMRC


United Kingdom

The Government have said repeatedly that their target is to raise the number of tax cases prosecuted 'five‐fold' by 2014/15.


The Government (and the CPS) said in 2010 that their aim was to raise the number of tax cases prosecuted 'five‐fold' by the end of tax year 2014/15. Accordingly HMRC's criminal investigations activity ‐ interviews under caution, arrests, and searches of premises under warrant ‐ has been dramatically stepped up. This briefing note provides a short practical guide to dealing with searches of premises under warrant by HMRC ‐ sometimes called 'dawn raids' as they are often carried out first thing in the morning. This note is not a substitute for legal advice. If HMRC turn up with a warrant, call a specialist lawyer with practical experience of raids immediately. The Fieldfisher 24 hour emergency number is 0161 981 0989.

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