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Press Release

Condor and Cognia South Africa


Fieldfisher has announced a significant expansion of its Condor Alternative Legal Services platform through a new partnership with Cognia Law, a leading next generation legal services provider.  The first step in the partnership is the launch of Condor South Africa – a managed legal services centre forming an integrated part of our Condor platform and centred in South Africa.

Condor was launched in January 2017 as an innovative new division of Fieldfisher with the aim of offering clients a flexible and customisable range of price-efficient and process-efficient services, partnering with best-in-class service providers and delivered in a single "law firm wrapped and quality-assured" package.  Condor's services include: trading and commercial documentation negotiation outsourcing, large-scale documentation project delivery and technology-assisted solutions including data extraction and analytics, contract automation, AI and robotics.

Condor has already attracted several leading bank clients and has recently won the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe 2017 for New Business and Service Delivery Models, recognising its disruptive and client-centric innovation.

Our partnership with Cognia Law, already recognised as one of the leading managed legal services providers allows us to:

  • significantly broaden our range of services;
  • offer our clients enhanced price efficiency;
  • enhance our project management capability; and
  • expand our range of technology-assisted solutions.

Our partnership with Cognia Law follows our partnership at launch this year with eClerx, a leading Indian business process outsourcer, bringing class-leading process expertise and management reporting to our clients.

This unique combination of skills and services enables us to deliver a highly unusual range of services and skills to our clients encompassing legal expertise, contract expertise, project management expertise and processing expertise, and cutting-edge legal technology, all within a genuinely integrated law firm wrapper which manages and quality assures the entire services in the usual way.

Chris Georgiou, Condor CEO comments: “We are delighted to be partnering with Cognia Law, a like-minded client-focused innovative services provider, to increase the range of services and benefits we are able to offer our clients.  The client benefits were evident in the first projects which Condor worked on encompassing the regulatory-driven EMIR variation margin repapering exercise, and we have now been able to extend that to work on MiFID II implementation, GDPR (harnessing Fieldfisher's market-leading privacy and data protection team), Brexit-related solutions, commercial contract management solutions and KYC/AML.  For the first time, we are also able to offer clients multi-partnered solutions working seamlessly with both Cognia Law and eClerx.”

Janet Taylor-Hall, Cognia Law CEO, adds: “Clients have long been asking for an integrated solution that offers the benefits of a leading law firm and the efficiencies of an alternative legal service provider.  The FT Innovative Lawyer Europe 2017 Award for the Condor model rightly recognises its innovation and we are delighted to be a genuinely integrated part of the model and in a position to offer it to our clients.”


Cognia Law provides its clients globally with individually tailored legal, compliance, risk management and resourcing solutions.

Cognia’s clients benefit from their:

  • investment in finding and growing talent,
  • ability to be agile and scalable;
  • near and offshore delivery capacity; and
  • proven collaborations with their best-of-breed technology partners and other legal service partners.

The Cognia team believes in challenging the existing status quo and current “best practices” in favour of an even higher value-adding client experience. Integrity, consistency and performance frame their philosophy.

For more information about Cognia Law’s innovative range of services, visit or follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter.