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Charity Update - 5 July 2017



United Kingdom

Our Charity Update provides the latest tax news and developments.


Fundraising Regulator introduces new rules on Fundraising Preference Service for charities

The Fundraising Regulator announces that it has added new requirements to the Code of Fundraising Practice in advance of the launch of the Fundraising Preference Service on 6th July 2017.

The Fundraising Regulator



Charitable grants for people directly impacted by the Grenfell Fire

The Charity Commission announces details of the donations made available to help those who have suffered loss in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Charity Commission



The Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud

The Charity Finance Group launches a guide to help small charities counter fraud.

The Charity Finance Group



Record management in charities: a toolkit for improvement

Charity Finance Group and the British Academy Research Project Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain, based at UCL Institute of Education, launch the Record management in charities: A toolkit for improvement.

The Charity Finance Group