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Charity Update 21 January 2016



United Kingdom

Our Charity Update provides the latest tax news and developments.

14 January 2016

Mandate fraud: charities targeted by increasingly sophisticated scams

The Charity Commission encourages trustees, charity professionals and volunteers to make themselves aware of mandate fraud tactics and prevention methods.

The Charity Commission  


14 January 2016

Gift Aid declarations: claiming tax back on donations

Amended declarations were published on 21 October 2015 for use by April 2016. HMRC recommends that Charities and CASCs commence using the new declarations now.

HM Revenue & Customs   


27 December 2015

'No excuses for not filing accounts' says Charity Commission

Charities with income over £25,000 are required to file accounts with the Charity Commission but thousands are in default.  The Charity Commission reports that excuses include: “I don’t have access to the internet” [sent via email], “I’m not involved with this charity’s requirements, I am a trustee”; and “I already did it…last year”.

The Charity Commission


19 December 2015

Dormant assets worth up to £1 billion set to revolutionise charity funding

The Cabinet Office and Rob Wilson MP announce that a commission will be tasked with unlocking billions of pounds worth of dormant assets, such as stocks and shares that have been untouched for more than 15 years to go to good causes in a similar scheme to that used by the Big Lottery Fund for dormant bank accounts.

Cabinet Office and Rob Wilson MP


18 December 2015

Charity Commission News: Issue 52

The Winter 2015 issue contains articles on:

• tackling abuse and mismanagement in charities  

• updated fundraising guidance and consultation  

• correctly reporting governance costs  

• reducing fraud in the charity sector

The Charity Commission  


17 December 2015

Regulator warns charities about the risks of ‘dominant individuals’

The Charity Commission publishes its annual report on compliance and investigations which highlights the risks that arise when trustees fail to take collective decisions, because individuals or small groups of individuals take on excessive levels of control or dominance.                        

The Charity Commission                                   


14 December 2015

Government to donate VAT on X Factor charity single  

George Osborne announces that the Government will donate VAT on sales of the X Factor winner’s charity single.  Profits from sales of the single will be donated to two children’s charities, Together for Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase.

HM Treasury and The Rt Hon George Osborne MP   


11 December 2015

How charities can help communities affected by flooding

Following the recent floods in Cumbria, communities are pulling together to help those people affected and local charities can play an important role. The Charity Commission reports that the same rules will be applied to charities assisting victims of the Cumbria floods as to other emergencies and disasters.

The Charity Commission