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Charity Update 19 Feb 2013



United Kingdom

Charity Update 19 Feb 2013

8 February 2013

Trusts (Capital and Income) Bill gets Royal Assent

Greater flexibility for managing investments for permanently endowed charities achieved by the Trusts (Capital and Income) Bill.

Civil Society Finance

11 February 2013

Online service launched for Gift Aid repayments

The Charities Online service has been launched for Gift Aid repayments.

HM Revenue & Customs

12 February 2013

Resurgence in volunteering

Statistics show an increase in volunteering.

Cabinet Office

13 February 2013

Charities Online criticised

Charities Online has been criticised on the basis that a standardised system could mean some organisations lose out.

Civil Society Finance 

14 February 2013

First awards from the Social Incubator Fund announced

Awards from the Government’s £10m Social Incubator Fund announced.

Cabinet Office