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Business can now rely on the Cookie Consent Guide



United Kingdom

Business can now rely on 'Cookie Consent Guide' to meet EU e-privacy strategic requirements

Business can now rely on 'Cookie Consent Guide' to meet EU e-privacy strategic requirements

The UK is set to start enforcing the law regulating online cookies - data used by websites to identify or authenticate visitors. To help businesses understand the requirements across Europe, a new tool is now available that will help guide compliance in a realistic manner.

The ’Cookie Consent Guide’ has been developed by leading European firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, exclusively for DataGuidance, a leading global data protection and privacy resource. The Guide seeks to aid companies designing ‘an appropriate strategy, to obtain consent for cookies across all EU Member States.’

The Guide, available as part of DataGuidance’s online global resource, offers a colour-coded and number-graded table addressing cookies by function and local law by a level of perceived intrusiveness. Read more at:

“Getting compliance right in this area is a balancing exercise between legal certainty and commercial imperatives”, said Eduardo Ustaran, Partner at Fieldfisher and Head of the firm’s Privacy and Information Law Group.  “The Guide is a single resource that can help companies understand how far they need to go to meet the law’s requirements.”

Recent research reports have drawn media attention to the fact that few consumers are aware of the new EU law, but actions by companies to comply will change that quickly, according to Lindsey Greig, Managing Editor of DataGuidance.

“We have been watching government action on privacy and consumer interest in the subject for nearly 10 years and the pattern is quite consistent,” Greig said.  “Government oversight prompts a commercial response resulting in wider consumer awareness. It is a bit of a dance, but we all wind up winning.”

The changes in the law require that companies placing cookies on visitors’ computers obtain consent by providing them with clear and comprehensive information about how the cookies will be used.

The Guide notes that the burden on website operators is to identify cookies in use, assess their relative intrusiveness, provide clear and comprehensive information to users and implement an appropriate strategy for confirming consent.

Notes to editors:

DataGuidance is the leading global data protection and privacy compliance resource tool.

Working with over 100 lawyers and coverage of 157 jurisdictions, DataGuidance keeps its growing community of subscribers on top of the complex matrix of national laws and regulations, in a quick, easy to navigate, clear database.

In addition, the expert Guidance Notes and At-A-Glance Advisories provide a quick-take on both global coverage and local compliance.

Fieldfisher is a European law firm specialising in providing commercial solutions for highly regulated, technology driven, and IP rich organisations. Its internationally recognised Privacy and Information Law Group advises global organisations on business-critical privacy and data protection projects.





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