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A Guide to Recovering Money from a Russian Personal Guarantor

Andrew Evans


United Kingdom

A Guide to Recovering Money from a Russian Personal Guarantor

Finance brief - January 2013


When examining the credit risk associated with taking a guarantee or other security from a Russian Personal Guarantor, lenders need to consider the possibility of default, how best to protect their position and what issues should be taken into account when considering enforcing foreign (non-Russian) judgments and arbitral awards against the Guarantor in Russia. The difficulties of enforcing foreign judgments in the Russian Federation are well known and are a cause of great concern to both lenders and foreign investors seeking to do business in Russia or with Russian entities or individuals.

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the current law relating to the enforcement of foreign courts' judgments and arbitral awards in Russian courts and to outline some practical solutions and considerations for lenders seeking to commence enforcement proceedings in Russia.

Recovering money from a Russian gaurantor- Enforcement of foreign courts' judgement and arbitral award >

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