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World Cancer Day 2015 - Small changes can make big differences

Arti Shah
Today, 4 February 2015, is World Cancer Day 2015, and this year it's focus is on taking a positive and proactive approach in the fight against cancer. Earlier this week I read about Dr Kate Granger's 'Hello my name is………' campaign which made me think how small changes can make a big difference when you or someone you know is going through a difficult period, and particularly when diagnosed with a terminal illness. Dr Granger is an NHS professional who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has launched a campaign for better communication having observed that doctors and staff were not routinely introducing themselves before delivering often difficult and sometimes life changing news. This has now been adopted by 90 NHS organisations and has received support from David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt and Bob Geldof. Her blog and campaign is inspirational at a time when there is much negative publicity surrounding the NHS.

My experience from dealing with medical negligence cases is that clients often talk about the lack of communication or empathy from professionals which compounds any potential negligence they have suffered. A small, simple act as suggested by Dr Granger can go a long way, and I wholeheartedly support her campaign and efforts to humanise a patient's experience during what can be an extremely distressing time.