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Weinstein trial: Jill Greenfield speaks on behalf of UK victims

Following the guilty verdict in the US trial of Harvey Weinstein for rape and sexual assault of two women, Jill spoke on Sky News, on BBC Radio 4 Today programme, BBC's Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC World Service on behalf of UK victims. She also commented in the Times and the Guardian.

Jill Greenfield, who represents six victims of alleged sexual assault by Weinstein in ongoing civil claims in the UK, described the verdict as 'a seismic moment for victims of sexual assault around the world'. She gave credit to the US jury for seeing 'the truth of the situation' and that it was a hugely positive message for anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault that the women in the trial had been believed.

'This will change the way people perceive rape within a so-called relationship and make it easier for women to report rape who had feared previously they wouldn’t be believed, Jill said. "No one is above the law – not even Harvey Weinstein.'

In the Observer, Jill highlighted the importance of protecting victims with anonymity, something they receive automatically in the UK but not in the US.

Jill praised her clients for providing background information used by prosecutors in the US trial. She also called for an investigation into the people who allowed Weinstein's behaviour to become so prevalent and who did nothing to protect women they knew were at risk of sexual assault.

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