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Success in campaign to introduce financial support scheme for British victims of terrorism abroad

A four year campaign to secure financial support for British victims of terrorism abroad has resulted in success.

The Government has today announced plans to introduce a new scheme, ending a long fight by campaigners for support for seriously injured British citizens.  To date the UK Government has failed to provide support for citizens not covered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme because they were injured in bombings that occurred abroad.

Jill Greenfield, personal injury partner at Fieldfisher, represents a family of six caught up in the bombing of a holiday resort in Turkey in July 2005. She has been heavily involved in the campaign, working with Trevor Lakin who lost his son in the Egyptian bombings in 2005 and Lord Brennan QC who  introduced a  Private Members Bill in the House of Lords in 2007.  

It is understood that the scheme announced today will be similar to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme which compensated the victims of the 7/7 bombings in London.  

Jill Greenfield, personal injury partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse said: 

“This is a massive step by the Government and recognises that British citizens must be supported, wherever they are involved in a terrorist atrocity. Our argument was always that individuals should not bear the responsibility alone for what is in fact an attack on our society. Finally this country will help support those victims caught up in a political war, something that other countries worldwide have done for many years.“

For further information please contact Jill Greenfield on 020 7861 4557.

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