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Ongoing rail strikes put cyclists under pressure on busier roads

As the current dispute between the transport unions and the Government appears set to continue, the impact on commuters on strike days inevitably means more traffic on the roads, and unfortunately more likely collisions.

The problem facing people who chose to cycle during the rush hour is the strain on the infrastructure in the cities, making cyclists more vulnerable. In 2020, Government data show 141 pedal cyclists were killed in the UK with 4,215 reported to be seriously injured. Clearly, more cars and bikes on the roads increases the risk of fatalities and serious injury.

Government guidance this summer to drivers during rail strikes includes warning of increased volume of traffic and busier roads. The advice is to check your vehicle is roadworthy before setting off, but, strangely, no mention of the need for increased awareness of cyclists' safety as the roads get busier. Similarly, no warning to cyclists about taking extra care.

The Personal Injury team is sadly all too aware of the impact on cycling safety situations such as rail strikes always have. We are regularly instructed in cycling accident claims and also by families in fatal injury claims following collisions on the roads. 

I currently act for a cyclist knocked off his bike when the defendant drove their car across two lanes of oncoming traffic into my client's lane and failed to see him, resulting in a head-on collision. My client sustained a serious shoulder injury that has affected his ability to do his job in the medical profession. I am supporting him to secure the necessary funds from the defendant's insurer to assist with his recovery and support him in the future. 

While the team continues to support clients injured while they are out and about on the roads, we also continue to lobby the Government for better safety for all road users and particularly cyclists and pedestrians who too often bear the brunt of busier roads. 

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